About the PFII Dashboard & Data Sources

The PFII dashboard displays yield and portfolio characteristics information of local government investment pools (LGIPs) and money market funds that may be used to follow industry trends or benchmark a specific fund against industry characteristics and trends.

The LGIP data is sourced from the S&P Local Government Investment Pool Index published weekly by S&P.  Data is as of [Thursday] and is reported with a two week lag.

The Money Market Fund Statistics is sourced from the Securities and Exchange Commission ‘s Money Market Fund Statistics report  published monthly as of the last day of the month. Supplemental information on 7 day net yields for institutional government and institutional prime money market funds updated weekly as of [Thursday] is based on a survey of the largest 10 asset classes of each grouping of funds.

Yields and portfolio characteristics (weighted average maturity, weighted average life) for money market funds are calculated as required by Rule 2a-7.  It is believed that the characteristics for LGIPs are calculated in a consistent manner and in as manner that makes them with data for money market funds.  This would support direct comparisons of  yields and related information among LGIPs and with money market funds and  benchmarks, but LGIPs are not subject to Rule 2a-7 so while it is believed the figures are calculated in a consistent manner there is not assurance to this effect.

Reference rates are provided for context. With the reception of CD rates these are sourced from the Federal Reserve’s H.15 report. CD rates are sourced from [Intrafi].


S&P Local Government Investment Pool Index. Weekly.

&& Securities and Exchange Commission Money Market Fund Statistics. Monthly.

^^^ FitchRatings,  Local Government Investment Pools Dashboard.  Quarterly.

*** PFII Index based on net yields of 10 largest publicly offered share classses of  institutional government and prime funds.

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